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Hannah Tapner


Even in her teens, Hannah was very interested in alternative therapies. She had been studying art for 6 years, when in 1997 Hannah discovered yoga at a time in her young adult life that was particularly difficult. She realised how profound regular practice of yoga was, helping to maintain balance even in tough times. This was a catalyst for her: she wanted to share this with other people, the natural joy and lightness that she felt (realising also that it is a good friend in happy times too).

She has been teaching yoga since 2001, and has done 1000+ yoga teacher training yours. She combines yoga teaching with working as an holistic therapist which has given her the understanding of how individual our bodies are. She teaches with this sensitivity in mind.


In 2002 she qualified as an holistic health practitioner and has since gained her City and Guilds Teaching Certificate. She has taught classes in Indian Head Massage, Thai massage, introduction to complementary therapies and massage for young people with disabilities and severe learning difficulties. She has recently started teaching for Holistic Health Training. She facilitates their courses in Auckland including; NZQA Holistic Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, Hot Stone Massage and Pregnancy Relaxation Massage


Her approach to holistic health is from an Eastern background and she has spent a great deal of time in Asia mainly in India and Thailand. She is constantly researching and broadening her understanding of these skills and is hugely passionate about her work, which is deeply woven into her daily life. She enjoys working with people and is very approachable. She loves to be sunny and happy, believing that happiness and positivity is the best medicine of all.


After moving to New Zealand she formed the company Hansi Yoga & Holistic therapies, which she has run successfully since 2008. Based in Auckland Hannah provides: massage tuition therapeutic treatments, yoga classes, corporate wellness, wellness days and retreats. Her retreats and wellness days also incorporate her creative skills as she a professional artist painting commisioned murals and also paints, draws and creates mandalas as a form of relaxation and meditation.



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