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Corporate Wellbeing


Since creating Hansi Yoga & Holistic Therapies in 2008, Hannah has been working with many corporate businesses providing on-site massage, stress-management seminars, in-house relaxation and yoga classes. She continues to work with many of the same corporate groups since Hansi began. Hannah hand picks other like-minded therapists to help provide on-site massage - with a small team comes an excellent quality of service

On-site massage


Regular massage can be very beneficial to help relieve environmental tensions caused by excessive time spent working at a computer.

The main focus of the on-site massage is to directly target trouble spots, working on the shoulders, neck, back, forearms and hands. Clients who receive regular massage have expressed that they have been relieved from work related pain and discomfort. If anyone suffers from any specific difficulties, certain home care stretches and advice will be given which can work alongside the massage.

These sessions offer valuable time out and quiet space away from responsibilities to help release emotional stress and boost well-being.  This improves clarity of thought, concentration; making staff happier, focused and increasing productivity. 

The pressure of the massage is dependent on the individual; strong for those who like a deep pressure, or more light and relaxing if one prefers a more gentle and soothing experience.

Corporate Yoga/Relaxtion classes


Designed to suit each company’s space and schedule. For example, during lunch or after work. Focusing on stretching, strengthening and rebalancing the body which helps release tensions. Sessions also give valuable time to allow the mind to clear which increases concentration.


Stress Management


Stress management seminars highlight the physiological effects of stress and helpful homecare/workcare advice is given to show ways in which the individual can manage stress. These are easy strategies that can be incorporated into daily life to help achieve a balanced perspective.

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