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Holistic Health Treatments


Holistic health treatments when undertaken regulary can help maintain good help. In holistic health it's believed that the prevention is better than the cure


Thai Yoga Massage; also known as Lazy Man's Yoga, uses acupressure and palming to open up the energy lines of the body. Practiced along with gentle stretches that are applied to help lengthen muscles. The treatment increases energy levels, soothes sore muscles and increases flexibility. 


Particularly good for fatigue and has been known to be helpful with ME.

Indian Head Massage

After many years of practicing massage and accumulating skills, Hannah has created her own signature massage. As a qualified aromatherapist she combines the use of essential oils with the treatment. Every massage is tailored to the individual's own needs with the pressure moderated for each individual, working either gently or more firmly on the deep tissue. A lovely way to treat yourself and unwind.


Reflexology is a preventative therapy that helps to boost your body's own healing abilities. Treatments are most usually done with the feet, but can also be practiced with the hands too. The feet and hands contain maps of the body and the body's systems are stimulated by massaging the reflex zones and stimulating pressure points which help to bring balance to the corresponding areas. Reflexology is very calming for the central nervous system and can therefore be very relaxing as a treatment.

Lymphatic Massage

Our lymphatic systems are designed to help clear waste products and bacteria etc. from the body by draining from the extremities up towards the chest region. It is a crucial part of our immunity. In this treatment gentle strokes are made on the skin to help speed up the movement of the lymph, boosting the immune system. It is also good for oedema and can help to speed up the recovery of injuries and ailments. it is particularly helpful when lymph nodes have been removed through surgery. The treatment is gentle yet very profound and deeply relaxing.  




Reiki Treatment
Indian Head Massage
Pregnancy Massage
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Reiki Healing
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